16 April 2018

Must Have Baby items 6-9 Months

Today my son turns 10 months old, so I figured it was time to make my 6-9 months post of our must have items!

Quiet Book. Absolute must to take along to anywhere you need your kid to be actively engaged in something that doesn't make noise. For us, this is what keeps our son happy and entertained in church for an hour! 

Felt Books Also one of my son's favorites. These are like Peek-a-boo books but they can't rip any of the pages because it's a board book with felt flaps. Genius! 

Bright Starts around we go activity center. This we have used since he was 6 months old. He absolutely loves it. One of his favorite things is when we pile toys all over the table and he goes around and pulls them off! 

OXO Bib. Once you start introducing "real" foods other than Purees these bibs are a must--so much better than having to launder cloth bibs after every meal--just rinse wipe and reuse! 

Boon pulp feeder Once you introduce solids and teeth happen, this silcone feeder has been a life saver. We fill it with puree, then freeze it in the freezer and offer it to my son when he is having hard teething days. He loves chomping on it and helps take the pain away. 

Nose Frida. We've had this since he was born, but didn't use it really till he got his first cold around 5 months again again around 9 months. It's disgusting yes, but I can 100% assure that by doing it, it has prevented unnecessary trips to the doctor! 

Little Tikes walker. Must have for when they are pulling up on everything and ready to start taking steps assisted! Didn't use this till he was 9/1/2 months but a must have for sure! 

15 April 2018

Sunday Best

Today's top and jeans were both from Target of all places! :)

Click link to shop!


Sandals are old but I wear them with EVERYTHING

and the earrings I had on are gold but here they are



02 April 2018

I am currently loving...

If you follow me on instastories I recently shared a few things I am loving, all of which are very inexpensive! I always like to try things for a while before sharing too!



01 February 2018

Baby Must Have Items 3-6 Months

Perusual mom life has really kept me busy these last few weeks! I had been meaning to blog about my 3-6 month old must have baby items but every time I had a little bit of time, I would end up going to bed or catching up on the never ending loads of laundry!

So without further adieu here are my top 10 items!

1 Dockatot My son is now 7 months old and this is my MUST HAVE ITEM since we transitioned him out of his Rock N Play at 4 months and into sleeping in this at night and for naps. 

2 4 Moms Breeze bassinet I actually place the dockatot in the top part of this bassinet and that is how he sleeps. Of course it's game over once he is able to sit up on his own! I'll have to drop him down to the bigger part of the 4 Breeze playyard! 

3. Fisher Price High Chair. I am all about less cumbersome clutter, and I really wanted a high chair that didn't take up more space. This is our go to high chair as it sits on our current chairs around our kitchen table! 

4. Fisher Price sit me up floor chair Took a few tries for my son to get the hang of liking sitting up in this. Once he was able to hold his head up more and more he began to be able to watch mommy or cartoons or anything going on around him in this chair! 

5. Crane Cool Mist I run this humidfier every night. Winter is harsh on the nasal passages causing everyone in our room to feel dry. This helps everyone retain moisture. 

6. Jumper. We didn't introduce the jumper till he was 6 months old and his feet could touch the ground. Once he learned he could jump, it's been non stop entertainment in the jumper! 

7.  Baby Einstein toy. This lights up and plays music. It's easy to slip in your purse or take along wedged in the carseat to entertain any baby!

8. Eric Carle Floor Mat. This was used pretty much from day 1 tummy time started till he could roll front to back. Around 5 months we stopped using it! 

9. Baby Spoons. Once you introduce baby food at 6 months these work great! 

10. Infantino Toys My sons favorite are toys that rattle, crinkle, spin and vibrate. Infantino makes so many to choose from! 

11. I forgot to label #11 (mom brain for ya) it's the Bright Starts Bouncer Chair. Until my son could sit up, he sat in this a lot! loved to spin the toys and have me manually bounce him in it! 



11 January 2018

2018 Hits and misses!

Hello 2018!

I'd thought I'd share some hits and misses with products I've been using the last Month or so! Some were hits and some were misses! If you follow me on instastories you know I often quickly review products on there! 

Okay so first up

this was or is a miss for me....

Dr. Brant's No More Baggage under eye cream. I got suckered into trying it. (It was all over social media esp since it's normally $40 and it was on sale for $23 plus free shipping)

I will preface and say I have REALLY bad under eye puffiness. So at this point, I feel like I've tried every under eye cream under the sun and not much really deflates them at this point. If you are more into using this for masking dark circles then it may be a better fit for you. 


Y'all saw the crazy ads for the Pen Mole Remover right? I mean it was like all over Facebook and instagram ads! On Facebook I read lots of good reviews from people (on instagram it was more like people crying out saying NO! It's not safe to remove a mole! Cancer! Etc etc!) 

I bought the pen and I can promise you it does work. You will smell burning flesh just as you would at the Dematologist office. I'd like to preface and say that I've been getting moles removed for many years now. Often removing them just to remove them, regardless of them looking suspicious or not. In my mind, I figure why wait for something to turn bad? Just remove it now rather than later! As always, I would encourage anyone NOT to do this if you have a mole you are "worried" or "suspicious" about. I pretty much check my moles daily and because I have had so many removed I am very comfortable in knowing that most I am choosing to remove at this point are completely fine to remove on my own. 

Another hit for me was this Big Sexy Hair Silk Finish  

I got my hair cut a month ago and I honestly haven't changed any new hair products in like the last 2 years because I've been such a fan of my Color Proof Line. Well the girl that trimmed my hair used this (no detangler just this on my wet hair) and I was a goner. Totally sold. My hair feels AMAZING after using this! 

I've also been loving this Mascara Primer by Lacome

I had been using the Dior Mascara primer but I honestly don't love it as one should for it's price tag! The Lancome primer was a total hit for me I love it! 

I also have been trying the Lancome mascara 

This is a hit and a miss for me. (A product you can love but not love right?) Okay so I'm an avid mascara collector. I love to try new ones. This is a nice mascara but it didn't give me as much depth/length as people rave that it does. For a year or so all I used was this one by lancome


Both to me are great mascaras. I really like IT Cosmetics Telescopic Mascara for length (my only quam with that one is that you can't apply it in a hurry otherwise clump city!)

Alrighty crazy kids that's it for now! 




20 December 2017

2017 Reading Challenge

With having a baby this year, I was worried I wasn't going to be able to make my goal of reading 25 books this year! Thankfully as baby M got older (around 4 months) he napped longer thus giving me a chance to read while he slept! 

Out of all 25 books I read, the one I least liked happened to be the last one I read! I don't recommed reading "running into love." It was cheesy, and unrealistic. I almost didn't finish it. 

My top 3 picks of my favorite books read this year are:
The Glass Castle, The Orphan's Tale and The Girl Before. 

All 3 books are quite different from each other. The Glass Castle is a memoir that was recently made into a movie (skip the movie it doesn't do the book any justice) 
The Orphan's Tale deals with WWII and the germans and jews situation. The Girl Before was a "thriller" read. 

Any reviews on my books can be found on Goodreads! You can add me follow me here!

13 December 2017

Christmas Jammies

 Every year I get one set of new PJs and they are usually winter ones that I ask for from my family. :)Seems silly, but it's something I look forward to each year! This year I chose these cute plaid ones! Very J crew esque but not with the price tag! I've linked as much as I could below! :) 

Link for PJs --- HERE




01 December 2017

Gift Guide for Farmhouse Decor Friends

Who doesn't love Chip and Joanna Gaines, Shiplap, subway tile and a good magnolia wreath? 

Most homes today have a touch of Farmhouse look/decor to them. Here are my top pics for the Farmhouse at heart friends!

30 November 2017

Gift Guide: Pet Lovers Edition!

For all my fellow Dog Mommas or Daddys out there This gift guide is for you! I've been a pet owner since I was a baby. I've always had a dog. Always. There's never not been a period of my life where I have been dog-less. Pets especially dogs, are a huge part of my life and of my family! Here's my top 14 gifts that I thought would be a great gift to give to your fellow friends or family members who adore dogs as much as I do! 

 Dog water Bottle -I mean anyone can use this- boy or girl, mom or dad. At work, at the gym or at home! 

Dog Bracelet- Perfect accessory for that friend or female family member which you can wear dressed up or dress down! 

Dog Photograph Book- A great additon to a coffee table book on display! 

Personalized Dog Pillow- This could be a cute additon for a throw pillow on the couch, bed or chair or heck even for your dog to lay on! 

Gold Charm Necklace- For friends or family that don't wear silver this is the perfect accessory!

Beer Dish Towel- for those with a sense of humor who enjoy not only their pet but often have a nice cold brew while perhaps helping out with the dishes in the kitchen! 

Rescue Ornament- speaks for its self. No matter whether your dog was adopted or not why not share the love and honor them with an ornament on the tree?

Personalized Dog Name on a frame- One can never have to many pet pictures in their home. 

Personalized Dog Breed Stationery- This was a really good Etsy find for me. Many Breeds to choose from and you can easily add whomever's name to the top of the paper for a nice finishing touch! 

Free Kisses Bandana- Okay so this is more for your dog, but I mean If I saw a dog out walking with this on I definitely would stop to make convo with the owner about the cute bandana their dog was wearing!

Greatest Dog Mom & Dad Mugs--you can find dog mugs pretty much anywhere these days and who doesn't love a personalized mug!? 

Dog Advent Dish Towel- Perfect to set out and use to dry those hands for the month of December! 

Doggy Heaven Frame- I know personally several friends who recently lost their beloved fur babies (mostly due to old age) and minted had these fabulous personalized frames. 

Everything is linked, click pictures below to score these awesome Doggie finds! 


Personalized Dog stationery Here

And seriously--For you dog How fun is this stuffed toy!?  You can purchase it here! 

29 November 2017

Just call me Mrs. Clean Mrs. Clean

Okay so about 6 months ago back in Arizona, I was over at a neighbors house who has 2 large dogs. I had taken off my shoes inside her condo and I couldn't get over how clean her floors felt against my bare feet! I asked her what her secret was and she told me all about this mop!

If you guys have followed me on snapchat you've seen and heard my rant on how much I LOVE this mop and what a difference it's been on my floors. I had been using the disposable Swiffer wet jet but my floors NEVER felt or looked clean. Enter this mop!  

I do think that part of it's secret is using this cleaner  (which you can pick up at any Target or walmart or amazon!) 

I went from having Tile ceramic floors in AZ to real wood floors in OH and it works great on both surfaces! With a wood floor, always be careful that you have REALLY wrung out your mop! That's key to a clean floor without damaging your wood! 

For those of you who follow me on snapchat, you often saw how often I was snapping me cleaning my floor. It's probably the one thing I am super diligent about when it comes to cleaning. I just despise a dirty floor! I used to hate mopping like you wouldn't believe, but now it's kind of fun esp when you have a mop that cleans so effortlessly! 

And the mop head is SUPER easy to clean you just pop it off and throw it in the washing machine! I have yet to even buy a replacement head and I mop once a week! 

Hope this helps some of you! All 3 good friends of mine who have gotten this mop after I suggested it have loved it! 

Mop can also be purchased here 

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